How To Make Your Penis Bigger

Do you ever feel insecure about the size of your manhood? Do you wish you have a bigger penis, so you can satisfy your lady love? Then you probably want to know how to make your penis bigger.

Bigger is Better

Bigger Penis For most men, the size of their package is a big deal.  If your penis is less than five inches in length when erect, then you probably feel quite insecure about it. The average size of a penis is a little over 5 inches, when erect, but even guys who meet the “average requirement” are still not too confident about it.

Scientists at the University of Canberra concluded in a study that men with bigger penises are more attractive to women compared to those with small penises.

So if you’re not getting a lot of action in the bedroom, you may have to look at your penis’ lack of size as the probable reason why you have a miserable sex life.

Don’t worry, in this article we reveal some of the more effective ways on how to make your penis bigger naturally. Learning how to make your penis bigger without pills is not too far fetched. In fact, we have listed down some natural penis enhancement methods below which you can try for yourself.

Penile Exercises

You can try penile exercises that have been known to help in increasing the length and girth of penises. One exercise is to hold your penis in the ‘okay’ hand gesture, and then slowly grip and pull it at the same time. You can stretch your penis in various directions for at least five minutes. Do this exercise once in two weeks.

You can also use your thumb in exercising your penis and increasing its hardness. To do this exercise, hold your penis at its tip, and then gently pull it downwards.  Your thumb should be placed at the lower part of your manhood, with the rest of your fingers supporting the shaft.

There’s also the stroking method which is designed to improve blood circulation in the penis head. With more blood flowing to that part of the penis, the size of your manhood should also improve. To do this, slowly grip your penis and stroke it gently, in a downward motion. Don’t grip it too tightly so as not to impede blood circulation.

You can also use a warm towel for increasing the size of your penis. Get a warm towel and place it around your penis. Be sure, though, that you have squeezed out all the hot water from it. The warmth emanating from the towel should increase the flow of blood to the penis, increasing the size of your manhood and preventing erectile dysfunction in the process.

You may also exercise your penis while it is erect. Stretch it sideways and in different directions for 10 seconds. You’ll have to do this at least twice a week.

Diet and Lifestyle Changes

There’s little  empirical evidence that certain foods can help in increasing the size of penis, but you might want to try these foods if you wonder how can you make your penis bigger.

For instance, watermelon is said to be effective in increasing blood flow to the penis and improving erections thanks to its high amounts of citrulline.

You might have heard how oysters are great in improving one’s sexual appetite. Oysters are said to be rich in zinc that enhances blood flow, and improves testosterone production.

Other foods that are reputed to improve blood flow to the penis are bananas, almonds, and garlic.

You will also have to make lifestyle changes like quitting smoking if you want your dick to become bigger.  There’s this one study conducted in Boston that showed guys who quit smoking had thicker, more rigid erections.


SizeGeneticsThere’s another way to make your penis bigger, and according to many online reviews, this is far more effective than the other methods discussed earlier.

The SizeGenetics Penis Extender System is a device that can increase your penis size by a few inches. What’s more impressive about this product is that it is recommended by doctors, and many satisfied customers are proving that it actually works.

Its maker calls it the most extreme penis enlargement device on the market. It has an impressive tension of 2,800 grams, yielding better results. And it is very comfortable and easy to use, although you might be a bit worried at first given the design of the SizeGenetics.

So how does it work?

SizeGenetics works through traction, a proven way of speeding up the growth of new cells. This is the same method used in extending the length of fingers after injuries. The idea is very similar to weight lifting, in which a person can develop bigger and firmer muscles that can hold more blood.

SizeGenetics is simple to use. Simply attach the device to your penis, and it would supply a gentle and constant stretch to the part of the penis which holds blood during erections called corpora cavernosa.

With a bigger corpora cavernosa, your penis would be able to hold more blood, and this would translate to harder erections. You’ll have a bigger dick that can impress your lover!

There are many online testimonials that prove SizeGenetics can cause substantial increase in dick size, from as low as one inch to as high as three inches. With SizeGenetics, you can now have the ‘tool’ to satisfy your partner in bed.

The device is recommended by doctors, and clinically tested by American and Danish doctors.

In the unlikely event that this device would not help you increase your penis size, don’t worry as you can get your money back. SizeGenetics has a six months money-back guarantee.

Indeed, having a bigger dick is now within your reach with the SizeGenetics Penis Extender System.

Now that you have learned how to make your penis bigger, why don’t you go online and buy SizeGenetics?